Sunday, October 18, 2015

Basement Remodeling Business Website

 If you have been to a St Charles home show lately, you already know how many MO basement companies CAN do your new basement, but it takes a lot of effort to arrive at the bottom line basement cost. Together we can determine an approximate basement remodeling st charles mo basement finishing or remodeling cost.

READ ON: Here’s where the fun starts. We offer this example of basement finishing cost to help guide your path, rather than attempting to lay a path for you. You judge by the priorities you have. We will help make those priorities a reality when you are ready.Part one; Take the square footage number form your earlier calculation: Multiply thet by (good at the time of writing this article) $25.00.

Lets say your basement is 1,500 square feet, your total cost so far is $37,500.00.Part two; Using a scale from a moderately complex design, to a highly planned and involved design, we will take the center point to make our next calculation. Multiply the base cost so far, by (good at the time of writing this article) 1.3. For our example, your total cost so far will be around $48,750.00Part three; This portion of the calculation is a little more subjective as we have already allowed some finish in the part two calculation.

However for our example we will make this a well detailed and high end finished basement. Here we take the total from part two and multiply that cost, between 1.5 and 2 times making the total cost of a beautifully finished new level of your home around $75,000.00

Example complete. From here you can see that there could be a wide range to the final cost, but this will help you know how you want to budget for your basement.Conclusion to the question “how much will it cost?” :  Call us (303 681 9070) and we will give you a no obligation price.Better Prices, Better Basements, Totally.