Friday, October 9, 2015

Call Of Duty Hacks Website

If you haven't heard of call of duty hacks by by now, you must have been living under a rock for the last 12 years. This first person shooter video game franchise has made headlines from North America to Australia at the same time bypassing sales of every known competing game released in the same duration. The more than 12 games series and several spinoffs has consistently won awards and sold over 175 million copies with figures of over 10 billion US dollars as of early 2015.

Having played Call of Duty throughout my youth and skipping classes in campus just to get my hands vibrating on my dual shock controller, I had to use call of duty hacks and cheat codes to get through some of the most frustrating levels in their missions. Yes, I know everybody has been there. Fret not; I'm here to help you with something greater other than petty save game modes that are available all over the web.

When playing the first Call of Duty installment, in the Russian red army mission to liberate the Red Square from the Germans and their Nazi army, I encountered mu most daring and difficult mission as I could not seem to survive heavy sniper attack and I had to use a last resort in the form of call of duty hacks and cheat codes. I used a crafty code that prevented the snipers and German tacticians from spotting me despite being there. This was proudly called "notarget" mode.

These cheat codes and hacks enable people who are stuck in hard to beat situations in the game to play without frustrations while constantly throwing curse words and banging on your screen. Some make you invulnerable, increase your health level, give you unlimited ammunition or even unlock all missions in the games. These Call of Duty hacks and cheat codes are available all over the internet, some legal, while others are custom made by independent open source developers. Playing online has never been this easy thanks to this codes and hacks that will surely leave your opponents distraught by your conquests or so they think.